About Us


هدفنا تخريج جيل من الشباب قادر على الابتكار والمنافسه وعلى درايه تامه باساسيات ال electronics

والتعامل مع التقنيات الحديثه وتوفير بيئه عمل متكامله للمبتكرين واصحاب الافكار الابداعيه👊👊

مهمتنا توفير الماده العلميه والادوات المختلفه لتدريب الشباب واعطاؤهم فرصه التجربه العمليه وعمل الاختبارات المختلفه لافكارهم عن طريق ثلاث معامل مجهزه بكل الادوات والخامات 💪💪

معاملنا يتوفر لدينا ثلاث معامل :-

Instrumentation& Prototypes fabrication LAP

Robotics programming &Construction LAP👏

Embedded system circuit design&Micro-controllers LAP

الحجز من خلال موقعنا : https://hb-labs.com

نتشرف بزيارتكم من 9 ص حتى 6 م

Who We Are?

HB Labs works on a measurements and calibration of precision instruments such as instruments that measure the temperature, pressure and flow rate of gases and liquids, as well as measure the level of acidity and conductivity, as well as the level of filling of tanks and measuring instruments of speed and vibration and measurements of current and voltage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide very comfortable area for all professionals, students and hobbyists to design, test, measure and calibrate their circuits and instruments. We are going to support them to the most extent. All kinds of tools, instruments and components will be available almost with prime cost. You can use your GoldyBits to book hours, purchase components, take refreshments, rent other services provided by our labs.

Our Team

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