Ahmed Adel

He is the Leader of HB Labs, He is rarely in HB Labs because he works in another country. When he is here though. He Helps kids in the robotics laboratory and tells his employees (engineers) what to do and helps them out.

Ayman Mohammed

He is like the Vice-Leader. He takes care of it while Ahmed Adel is not in it. He helps him when they are together and helps kids in the robotics laboratory.

Hussain Ahmed

The son of Ahmed Adel. He is the creator of this page and fixed a few mistakes in the website, (he is I the one writing) He has courses in HB Labs.

Mohammed Ayman

The cousin of Hussain Ahmed. He comes with him to courses and helps kids in the robotics lab like hussain ahmed.

Menna Ayman

Is the sister of Mohammed Ayman. she often comes during courses but on non course days she doesnt come, she is still learning robotics.