A New Era of Robotics

Don’t think of robots as replacements for humans — think of them as things that will help make us better at tackling many of the problems we face.

Line Follower

Our LEGO EV3 Line Follower robot follows the black line that has several curved turns and may split and re-join. Every LEGO Light Sensor is unique meaning that there are considerable value variations in.

Sumo Ground

Robotic sumo is a competition where two robots, known as sumo-bots, attempt to push each other out of an arena using sensors, clever programming, and innovative design.

Lego Ev3

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education is the EV3 Brick, the
programmable intelligent brick that controls motors and sensors,
as well as providing wireless communication. Choose what motors
and sensors you wish to use and build your robot just like you want
it to be.



A robot is a re-programmable, multi-functional manipulator
designed to move material, parts, tools or specialized devices
through variable programmed motions for the performance of
a variety of tasks.